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Cycling Newsletter – April 2016

The Cape Town Cycle Tour is a distant memory; since then there was the OMTOM and last weekend, the IM in Port Elizabeth. Congratulations to all who participated in these events. More events are around the corner, so many of us are heavily committed to our specific training programs with some hardcore races coming up such as the 36ONE.

We were also glad to welcome back some from injuries; it was good seeing Sharon cycling the full distance again on her first pack ride since her fall, as well as Marianne Unger after her operation.

We also have a very enthusiastic and committed group participating in the WP winter league. Leon is co-ordinating this. Well done on what you have achieved in such a short space of time.

Unfortunately, we have had serious crashes this past weekend. Francois Ellis crashed badly at the silos and had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. The good news is that he is in good spirit, despite the pain. Wouter de Kock, a previous CMC member, also crashed on Saturday morning and also had to be taken to hospital by ambulance. We wish them a speedy recovery.

Pack rides

Our pack rides are club rides and we expect you to adhere to our club’s rules, regulations and esprit de corps (gees in Afrikaans). When we ride in the group or wear the club’s clothing, we represent the club. Anything we do wrong, can get reported to the club committee, WP Cycling or CSA. When you cycle in a pack or wear the club’s top, you are an ambassador for the Cape Multisport Club. Below I have put out a few guidelines, these are only the main ones and by no means all the guidelines:

·         Safety always comes first. Unfortunately accidents can happen and happen quickly and unexpectedly (as we had last weekend). So when we are on the road, always try to be alert and take defensive action if you see potentially dangerous situations. For example, when you see a car wanting to turn right, try to catch the driver’s eyes.

·         Obey the traffic rules, including the cycling rules. This is for your own and the group’s safety. Cycle single file if the road does not have a shoulder and never cross the white line, or the imaginary white line on gravel roads.

·         Be courteous and polite to your fellow cyclists, other cyclists on the road and motor vehicles. Don’t pick a fight with any person, even if they are in the wrong.

·         Listen to your fellow cyclists if they ask you to correct your riding position, if you are told to ride single file, to move over to the left, etc.

·         Use your hand signals and warn the cyclists behind you (or even in front of you) of any hazards, single file ahead, your intentions to stop, etc.

·         Shout if you have a problem and inform your fellow cyclists whether you need help or whether you are just stopping to powder your nose.

·         Regroup: Many of us love to attack long climbs, this is fine and good interval training, but on top of long climbs, we slow down or even stop to regroup. We all know what it feels like to battle up a hill and this is a pack ride with friends, not a race against your rivals.

·         Lights: We will start to ride in the dark, so both front and back lights are compulsory. The front light does not have to be a strong light, it is mainly for visibility for motorists and other cyclists.

·         Don’t litter!

·         Welcome new people in the group, make new friends.

Please ensure your bike is ready for the winter season, serviced, lubricated and fitted with lights. Also come prepared to the pack rides. Have enough liquid on you (use a Camelpak if you want to), bring adequate snacks so that you don’t run out of energy and dress warm enough. The best is to wear layers that you can remove as required.

Pack rides are there to make cycling more enjoyable and safer. Please respect the person hosting the pack ride and communicate. Let the host know if you have a problem or an issue or if you want to leave the group to take a shortcut home. There have been complaints from our own and other cyclists about a number of things like not stopping to help someone who has a mechanical, or complaints from other cyclists on the road etc.

We are mainly a social club and the rides are for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment, but that requires everyone to do his or her bit and to stick to the rules. So please do your part to make the rides fun for all.

CTCT time competition

This competition was won by Marelize James. Congratulations! There were three people that predicted their times accurate to within one minute. Thank you Marc Rich for part sponsoring the Attitude Cycles gift vouchers.






Time Difference
















Ride program

Our winter program is now well under way, with our pack rides on MTBs. We will post as in the past and have a wider range of activities you can choose from:

Longer Pack rides:        These are aimed at getting fit for the 50/100 Miler

Shorter Pack rides:        These are aimed at the slower rider and beginners.

Trail Riding:                   This normally requires a licence to ride on the Tygerberg Hills or Bottelary Hills trails.

Skills training sessions:             A very popular session for all those who want to improve their MTB skills.

WP Winter league:         This is for the racing snakes and the die hard roadies, every Sunday morning.

If you are unsure of the fitness and/or skills level required, please contact the person hosting the ride. We always want to welcome new cyclists to our club and it can be daunting joining a group of strangers that look like superfit cyclists. So please communicate and contact us.

Safety warning

Please, try not to ride alone and be aware of the attacks and attempted attack that have taken place at Phisankraal!


Those who have recently joined, we have a sizable committee of volunteers this year for the Cape Multisport Club Cycling:

Leon Lawrence is the vice-captain and assists with pack rides, winter league and Karoo to coast

Donn, Derick, Stephan and Charl assist with the pack rides

Janine and Stella are the tough ladies that help with MTB rides and skills training

Shanna assists with the socials (e.g. the CTCT time competition)

Fanie Herholdt is the contact person for training programs

Jeremy, Renato and Fanie Nel are assisting with the Double Century

Last, but not least Vanessa (who is actually in charge), helps with the minutes, clothing, money etc.

Karoo to Coast

Leon has booked a venue for our club members wishing to participate in the Karoo to Coast. The cost for the accommodation is R1000. The due date has gone, but Leon says there is still space if you are interested. Please contact Leon Lawrence.

Training program up to the 50 Miler


I want to mention and thank our sponsors:


A big thank you to Marius Swanepoel (one of our club members) from Realclean and Deon from Cyclefunatic for sponsoring our cycling tops. They sponsored each shirt to give us R200 discount, that is why we can get the shirts at R300.

We are in the process of making new cycling tops and thanks to Donn from Umlazi Civils for coming on board as our new cycling top sponsor.

Then we also want to thank Marc Rich from Attitude Cycles for a sponsorship on the Argus time competition gift vouchers.



From time to time we will post a few promotions we think might be of interest to the cyclists:

·         Pepper spray with armstrap/bicycle strap from Anatomic (R295)

·         Bike Service: CMC Service Cycles (Abrie Mouton) is a new bike service company in the Durbanville area and is willing to fetch the bike from your home or to receive a bike after hours. or 083 2755504


We are in the process of having more cycling tops and arm warmers made as our stocks are almost depleted - we will keep you posted when they are ready.

Happy cycling and see you on the bike!

Achmed Giesler

Cycling Captain

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