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Road Running Newsletter – June 2016

Winter is NOT a reason to stay away!

Training with Coach Lee Chandler

It’s a fact that we are all feeling the chill and right now it’s easier to sit indoors and enjoy something warm. However, a few weeks down the road, and you will wish that you continued your training program because I’m sure that sometime in the not too distant future you have a running goal…

We once again want to appeal to all our new and seasoned members to attend the Tuesday and Thursday sessions at the PP Smit Fields. It is a great way of getting to know the club members as well as pushing yourself to better that 5k time!

Please familiarise yourself with the times of the June program, HOPE TO SEE YOU THERE!!


Weekday Pack Runs:

Your daily dose of happiness…

For those of you who prefer the morning runs, we have two groups starting at the Kenridge Vineyard Deli:

The Crazies

The Crazies:

  • Run at 04: 45 from the deli most mornings and usually 10-11 k’s.
  • There are times when we change
  • the scenery and run form the Durbanville Rose Garden.
  • All paces welcome.




runningThe Deli Dudes:

  • The Dudes start at 05:15.
  • Distances are usually 8-10k’s.
  • All paces welcome



running running running

Please remember: Check our Facebook Cape Multi Running page for updates on venue change and other important information regarding morning runs.

Weekend Club Runs:

Your weekend dose of happiness!

We would like all members to attend pack runs!!!

we want you


To attend…


Saturday pack runs:

  • Start at 6am at Vida Edward street, Bellville (next to Nando’s)
  • Normally has distances of 10-15k distance option.
  • All paces welcome.

Sunday pack runs:

  • Starts at 6:30am at Vida Durbanville (corner of Wellington and Oxford Streets)
  • Has distances of 15 – 20k’s
  • All paces welcome.

Race of the month: FNB OneRun

What a great vibe!

A HUGE THANK YOU to Louis Kotse and Heidi Wilson for hosting our Gazebo at the FNB OneRun! We once again witnessed the “red army’ come out in large numbers.

The day was filled with lots of fun, great running times and even a FREE 10 minute SPORTS MASSAGE!

cmc-1 cmc-2 cmc-3 cmc-4

A huge thanks to Jos le Roux for spoiling us with a 10 minute massage after the race!!

physio physio

Exciting events this month: Races in June

Get your race face on…


Race Distance Date
Don Lock (Club Hosted Run) 8 &10km 05.06.2016
Steeple to Steeple 10km 11.06.2016
Mamre Road Race 21.1km 11.06.2016
Dave Spence Mem Run 10km 16.06.2016
Youth Day Run/Walk 10km 16.06.2016
Napier Half Marathon 21.1km 18.06.2016
Kwikspar Somerset Spookhill Race 15km 25.06.2016

July Race of the Month

Race:  Fairbridge Mall

Distance: 6 & 15km

Date: 23 July 2016

Gazebo Hosts: Conrad Koorts & JP Roux

Amazing work being done by a CMC runner!

Community Research Project…

A heart-felt thank you to all the generous CMSC members who have denoted ladies running shoes, running kit and socks to the Pretreatment CoOp.  This is a community research project that provides young women from Nyanga with counselling for issues related to trauma and substance abuse and self-care skills to help them cope better with their experiences.  Exercise is an important part of the programme and we are appealing to ladies to denote old shoes and kit to help these young women realise the psychological and physical benefits of being fit.  Through your kindness, we have collected 37 pairs of shoes and lots of clothing.  Our target is 65 pairs of shoes so we are more than half way!


Thanks Bronwyn Myers for the awesome work that you do!

Cape Town Run thumbs-up

We all love a good story…

One of members doing her first Comrades this year found her way into the Comrades 2016 magazine!!

2016 Comrades Finisher..

Comrades Marathon


A message from the Running Captain:

In order for us to be a successful running/multisport Club we

need active participating members who are happy and positive. I’ve had only good experiences in my short time with the club, and for us to be “happy runners” we need to share our awesome experiences and knowledge with others…

So my message is… A HUGE thank you to all the wonderful ambassadors of this club and may your running continue to grow from strength to strength…

Have a great running month!

Happy running.

Captain Kurt

If you have any queries or suggestions OR simply want to know something email me at:

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