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“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow in fast movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.”  F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

What happened in September?

September brought beautiful events, embraced by our awesome trail junkies! There were a few that stood out this month! Please upload your event pics to the CMC Trail FB group and give us all an opportunity to join in the beauty!! Go RED army!!

Marloth Mountain Challenge 2016
Anton Franchi showing Marloth Mountain Challenge who is boss!!
Making new friends on the Tygerberg Nature Reserve Run!
CMC ladies representing on the last day of Oyster Catcher Trail Run!!
Petzl Wolfpack Trail , brought to you by Cape Town Running Company - if you haven't attended one of their events yet, you are missing out!
The monthly Run for a Cause Awareness Trail Run was dedicated to Heart Health Awareness - dressed in pink and red, runners raised awareness of the difficulties one might face when having to manage everyday life with cardiac difficulties.

What is happening in October…

Wednesday CMC trail runs will continue at Meerendal, Altydgedacht, Bellville Golf Course and Bloemendal, with Thursday Durbac trail runs happening at Majik Forest and Durbanville Golf Club. Please make sure that you do not cause damage to vineyards when parking and stay off the single track!! We start running at 18:00 - no headlights needed anymore!

Please refer to the CMC Trail FB group to download the preliminary January to December 2016 trail run schedule as well as keeping an eye on the events posted.

For those members who have recently joined – welcome!! Hope to see you on the trails soon! See below the vice captains responsible for the various routes we run. On weekends any of these runners might be leading the shorter and/or the longer pack routes. Conrad Meier, is another valuable part of our team and Durbac’s trail captain. We host runs together to bring together bigger groups so there is a pace for everyone! For any questions, feel free to ask them during pack runs or to contact me directly.

Important request concerning the trail runs: Please follow the route and stay within sight of the vice-captain/sweeper that is responsible for the specific route (short/long/walking route). Do not make up your own route if you have committed to run with the pack!! Our vice-captains need to make sure everyone gets safely back to the start and does not get lost! Safety is after all one of the reasons we run together!!

* Bellville Golf Course - Mark Stokell

* Meerendal Wine Estate – Magda Marshall & Anton Franchi

* Altydgedacht Wine Estate - Karin Gerber & Neil Broers

* Bloemendal Wine Estate - Pauline Wilkinson & Anton Franchi

Weekly trail runs: 

Wednesday at 18h00 - 7.5 & 10 km options

* Wed 05 October - Meerendal Wine Estate

* Wed 12 October - Bellville Golf Club

* Wed 19 October - Altydgedacht Wine Estate (‘Run for a Cause Trail Run’ – see info below)

* Wed 26 October - Bloemendal Wine Estate

Thursday at 17h15 - 5 & 9km options

* Thurs 13, 20 October - Majik Forest Trail Run

* Thurs 06, 27 October – Durbanville Golf Course Trail Run

Weekend Pack Runs & Races

* Sun 02 October - No official run - join us on the KWay VOB Grape run

* Sun 09 October – Banhoek, Stellenbosch

* Sat 15 October  – La Capra Goat Run, Paarl

* Sun 23 October – No official run

* Sun 30 October – No official run

* * Please keep an eye on the Cape Multi Trail FB page for informal runs being organised.

Other Exciting News and Events

Competitive much? 😉

Our Cape Multi Trail Strava Group is up and running and there are some competitive members out there! If you want to see how you match up against our awesome 'bergbokkies' - follow the link below and become part of the fun!! Thank you Louis Kotze for setting this up!!


Injured?? Hit the trails in a different way!

Another very excited venture was created out of the need to stay fit while injured!! Liezl Meiring, started a MTB group that can be joined by beginner cyclists, injured or recovering runners etc. This group is Whatsapp based and  makes arrangements for the weekend depending on availability of their members. If you would like to be part of this group, contact Liezl or myself and we will add you to the group! Thank you Liezl for helping the trail junkies to experience the trails in another way!!


Cape Multi Kids Trails

We are very excited to announce a new initiative by Heidi Wilson to get our Cape Multi Club Kids on the trails. More information to be announced soon....


19 October 2016 - Monthly ‘Run for a Cause’ Wednesday Trail Run

The Run for a Cause trail run creates Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness Day. Join us in remembering the little angels missed every single day, on Wednesday 19 October, Altydgedacht Wine Estate! Please wear a pink or blue buff to show your support!


26 November - Dudley Trail Run in aid of CANSA

An annual CMC hosted trail event not to be missed!! The date has been finalised - diarise Saturday, 26 November and come join in the fun!! There will be a 12km trail run and a 5km fun run. More information to follow soon!! 

CANSA Active.cdr

Trail Photo Competition

The 6th monthly photo competition with “Dis Heerlike Lente” as the theme for September showed that CMC trail runners are ready to get out there and enjoy the sunshine and all the creatures that share in the excitement! Once again, thank you to everyone who participated, either by uploading or liking photos!!

The winner for August 2016 is Riana Prinsloo!! Congratulations Riana - what an awesome photo, taken at the Oyster Catcher Trail Run, Mossel Bay.


Riana wins an awesome goody bag sponsored by Hallo Pragtig, Multiscarfs, New Balance, Wintergreen, Dual Balance and NovaVit Plus. If you want to stand a chance to win the next goody bag – please keep reading…

Trail Photo Competition #7 October: “Fun in the Sun…”

Let's continue the snapping/posting/liking happiness! Come on, trail junkies - show us your photo interpretation of “Fun in the Sun…” on the trails!! And of course - the weirder, wackier and wilder - the better the chance that your photo will get the most LIKES!! You've got work to do!!

Competition rules:
1) Entrant must be a member of CMC and a member of the Cape Multi Trail FB Group
2) The photo must be taken during this month, October 2016
3) Photo must be posted to the competition announcement post, with description of where and when it was taken
4) The winning photo will be the photo with the most FB likes - so everyone running is eligible to take part
5) Winner will be announced during the first week of November 2016 and will receive a well-deserved goody bag! Now go out there and snap away!!


Buy CMC buffs at the Wednesday and Weekend trail runs

capemultisport-buff     Cost: R60 per buff.

 Every Wednesday Evening - Giving back to the Community

Calling all ladies! Bronwyn Franchi is collecting old running shoes, clothes and basic toiletries for young women who have survived trauma. They are participating in a research programme that includes counselling and self-care through exercise. If you are able to donate items, you can pass these onto Anton Franchi at the Wednesday trail events or you can inbox her and she will arrange to collect. We still need 20 pairs!!

Thank you for your generosity thus far, the response has been amazing!! Let’s give these women the gift of running!


** If you have a project that gives back to the community – feel free to send me the information. I will gladly include it in the newsletter.

Night at the Movies - BANFF Mountain Film Festival

Book your tickets at Ster-Kinekor - still an open theatre for Friday, 28 October 2016!! Let's see how many CMC members we can get together that evening!!

For more information and to watch the trailer - follow the link!


How Running Changed My Life

Jayson Dean was nominated as our October CMC hero - thank you Jayson for writing this motivational piece for the newsletter! What an awesome read!

"It was December of 2012 when I stepped onto the scale – 112 kg’s!!! I realised then that the eating plans I was relying on would help but not be enough to stop the one-way direction my weight was heading: I needed to be as active as I had been in my teen years. Even then, I never anticipated that I would become a runner; my puppy Nala was in fact my initial inspiration. Every day, Nala and I would go for a walk – at first some 2 km but eventually she needed more. We started to increase the pace: the first week we ran together for one full street length, then two streets the second week, three streets, four streets, and so on. It took Nala and I almost 3 months, but eventually we were able to run a full 5 km without having to walk.

Many people don’t believe me when I say running is my absolute worst sporting discipline. I still suffer after taking time off from shin splints when getting back into shape! The epiphany that I could run – albeit slowly – and recover enough to complete a distance that I previously thought was impossible now meant that the sky was the limit. And so Just 4 months after I started running with Nala, I completed my first marathon. When completing that first marathon, the Knysna Forest Marathon no less, I felt the most emotion that I have ever felt thus far in my time of running. I realised As I crossed the finish line for the first time that I was now a marathon runner!

Through Cape Multisport, I have met some incredibly special people who eventually helped me to chart my path to become an Ultramarathon runner. Like Nala, I needed more. Even after completing Comrades (just 18 months after I ran my first 5 km), something was missing. I loved being outside running the entire day – the longer the distance the better for me! When I didn’t have any emotional attachment to my Comrades finish in 2015, I realised Comrades was a stepping stone in my path to do even longer distances, and so I set the goal to run 100 miles.

Completing my first 100-miler – the Washie – in July this year with the greatest support crew anyone could have asked for was an incredible experience. While I will always be a slow poke, I realised that at 6 minutes 50 seconds per km I am incredibly fast 120km into a race! I am now in search of the Ultimate Ultra Run: my current plans have me circumnavigating Lake Tahoe (72 miler) this October, the Tahoe Rim Trail 205 Miler next September (2017), and assuming all goes well with the qualifications, achieve my dream of running the Badwater 135 Miler through Death Valley in July 2018.

I feel incredibly privileged to have stumbled upon this sport. I am grateful for every person I have met along my journey, for the memories we have made together, and for the experience of accomplishing our goals together, especially my absolute partner in crime whether it be running, seconding or just in life. Marissa Drouillard, Thank You. While I continue to push myself longer and harder, there will always be great runs to do along the way. The fact that the training runs and marathons will always be so very special to me because of this incredible Cape Multi Sport running family we have.

A special thank you and nomination for next month’s article goes out to my Comrades, Washie and soon to be announced 2018 Back to Back mentor Louis Kotze.

2016-04-23-07-04-52  facebook_1473235832695 2014-06-18-22-22-48

** Write your story or nominate a friend that inspires you – I will contact them and twist their arm to give their motivational story a go!! It is not about boasting or thinking you are better than others. It’s about motivating others to change their lives, we have all had to start somewhere – Thinking “If he/she can do it, then I can too!!” 


Now go there out, have adventures, make special memories and have a wonderful October!

Derine Sandenbergh

(Thank you to Louis Kotze for the beautiful photo taken at the Tygerberg Nature Reserve September 2016)

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