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“We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort.” Jesse Owens

What happened in October?

October brought the final Green Forest Trail Run, as well as the very popular La Capra Goat Run amongst others! Also great Wednesday runs and weekend packs! Please upload your event pics to the CMC Trail FB group and give us all an opportunity to join in the beauty and fun!!

Banhoek Trail Pack Run - photo by Anton Franchi
The Red Army representing at Durbanville Petzl Wolfpack Run - our very own CMC wolves Almari de Milander, Alec ITri and Anton Franchi
Pauline Wilkinson and Karin Gerber enjoying the Green Forest Trail Series
Speedy Neil Broers all focused!
The Run for a Cause trail run on 19 October focused on Pregnancy & Infant Loss Awareness. A beautiful group of runners joined us in remembering the little angels missed every single day.


Our first movie night - mountain goats got together on 28 October for a less active event, sharing in amazing stories of passion and adventure!! Once again the BANFF Mountain Film Festival World Tour didn't disappoint. Hope to see more dirt lovers there next year!



What is happening in November…

Wednesday CMC trail runs will continue at Meerendal, Altydgedacht, Bellville Golf Course and Bloemendal, but the Thursday Durbac trail runs happening at Majik Forest and Durbanville Golf Club have been cancelled. We start running at 18:00!

Please refer to the CMC Trail FB group to download the preliminary January to December 2016 trail run schedule as well as keeping an eye on the events posted.

For those members who have recently joined – welcome!! Hope to see you on the trails soon! See below the vice captains responsible for the various routes we run. On weekends any of these runners might be leading the shorter and/or the longer pack routes. Conrad Meier, is another valuable part of our team and Durbac’s trail captain. We host runs together to bring together bigger groups so there is a pace for everyone! For any questions, feel free to ask them during pack runs or to contact me directly.

Important request concerning the trail runs: Please follow the route and stay within sight of the vice-captain/sweeper that is responsible for the specific route (short/long/walking route). Do not make up your own route if you have committed to run with the pack!! Our vice-captains need to make sure everyone gets safely back to the start and does not get lost! Safety is after all one of the reasons we run together!! Please make sure that you do not cause damage to vineyards when parking!!

* Bellville Golf Course - Mark Stokell

* Meerendal Wine Estate – Magda Marshall & Anton Franchi

* Altydgedacht Wine Estate - Karin Gerber & Neil Broers

* Bloemendal Wine Estate - Pauline Wilkinson & Anton Franchi

Weekly trail runs: 

Wednesday at 18h00 - 7.5 & 10 km options

* Wed 02 November - Meerendal Wine Estate

* Wed 9 November - Bellville Golf Club

* Wed 16 November - Altydgedacht Wine Estate

* Wed 23 November - Meerendal Wine Estate - no formal run (Join Neil Joubert Farm Run)

Wed 30 November - Bloemendal Wine Estate (‘Run for a Cause Trail Run’ – see info below)


Weekend Pack Runs & Races

* Sun 06 November - Bobbejaansriver Pack Run (weather dependent - needs to be sunny!)

* Sun 13 November – Bobbejaansriver Pack Run (if weather did not play along previously)

* Sun 20 November  – No official run

* Sun 26 November – Dudley Trail Run in aid of CANSA

* * Please keep an eye on the Cape Multi Trail FB page for informal runs being organised.

Other Exciting News and Events

Competitive much? 😉

Our Cape Multi Trail Strava Group is up and running and there are some competitive members out there! If you want to see how you match up against our awesome 'bergbokkies' - follow the link below and become part of the fun!! Thank you Louis Kotze for setting this up!!


Injured?? Hit the trails in a different way!

Another very excited venture was created out of the need to stay fit while injured!! Liezl Meiring, started a MTB group that can be joined by beginner cyclists, injured or recovering runners etc. This group is Whatsapp based and  makes arrangements for the weekend depending on availability of their members. If you would like to be part of this group, contact Liezl or myself and we will add you to the group! Thank you Liezl for helping the trail junkies to experience the trails in another way!!



30 November 2016 - Monthly ‘Run for a Cause’ Wednesday Trail Run

The Run for a Cause trail run creates awareness of World Diabetes Day that is officially on 14 November. Join us in running for this important cause and wear BLUE on Wednesday 30 November, at Bloemendal Wine Estate!


26 November - Dudley Trail Run in aid of CANSA

An annual CMC hosted trail event not to be missed!! The date has been finalised - diarise Saturday, 26 November and come join in the fun!! There will be a 12km trail run and a 5km fun run. Please contact Estelle Kock if you want to help out as a marshall or at registration.

CANSA Active.cdr


Trail Photo Competition

The 6th monthly photo competition with “Fun in the Sun” as the theme for October showed that CMC trail runners have the skill to get out there and enjoy the sunshine! Once again, thank you to everyone who participated, either by uploading or liking photos!!

The winner for October 2016 is Riana Prinsloo!! Congratulations Riana - what an awesome photo, taken at the Neethlingshof National Pinotage Day Trail Run.

Sun in the fun Runners vs Serious Runners - what an awesome pic!

Riana wins an awesome goody bag sponsored by Hallo Pragtig, Multiscarfs, New Balance, Wintergreen, Dual Balance and NovaVit Plus. If you want to stand a chance to win the next goody bag – please keep reading…

Trail Photo Competition #8 November: “Something beautiful

Let's continue the snapping/posting/liking happiness! Come on, trail junkies - show us your photo interpretation of “Something beautiful” on the trails!! And of course - the weirder, wackier and wilder - the better the chance that your photo will get the most LIKES!! You've got work to do!!

Competition rules:
1) Entrant must be a member of CMC and a member of the Cape Multi Trail FB Group
2) The photo must be taken during this month, November 2016
3) Photo must be posted to the competition announcement post, with description of where and when it was taken
4) The winning photo will be the photo with the most FB likes - so everyone running is eligible to take part
5) Winner will be announced during the first week of December 2016 and will receive a well-deserved goody bag! Now go out there and snap away!!



Buy CMC buffs at the Wednesday and Weekend trail runs

capemultisport-buff     Cost: R60 per buff.


Every Wednesday Evening - Giving back to the Community

Calling all ladies! Bronwyn Franchi is collecting old running shoes, clothes and basic toiletries for young women who have survived trauma. They are participating in a research programme that includes counselling and self-care through exercise. If you are able to donate items, you can pass these onto Anton Franchi at the Wednesday trail events or you can inbox her and she will arrange to collect.

Thank you for your generosity thus far, the response has been amazing!! Let’s give these women the gift of running!


** If you have a project that gives back to the community – feel free to send me the information. I will gladly include it in the newsletter.

How Running Changed My Life

Louis Kotze was nominated as our November CMC hero - thank you Louis for writing this motivational piece for the newsletter and taking us on your journey towards recovery! Cannot wait to have you back on the trails!!

All I want for Christmas is ……

Thank you, Jayson, for the kind words in the previous newsletter.

I would like to mention that, since last month’s newsletter, Jayson completed the Lake Tahoe Ultra (70miles) in a phenomenal time and in second position. Jayson, you are truly an inspiration!

I have been mulling over on what to write. I could tell you about my running career of 20 years and where it all started, but there are so many out there whose stories are far greater than mine.

So I decided to tell you what I want for Christmas!

BUT … before I do that, let me give you some background to the reason for my list to Santa Claus.

At the start of 2016, I was super amped to get going with some big running goals for the year ahead. Those included my 10th Two Oceans Ultra, my 6th Comrades (and hopefully in sub-10 hours), a sub-3h30 marathon, and, if all was good … I would have liked to run a 1h35 half marathon.

Well, then life happened!

I started the year with a knee injury that carried over from last year. I have been working with a bio-kineticist for 4 months to try and get to a point where I can run pain-free. Over and above this, I read books, and scoured the internet on the best running form and ways to run pain free, but alas this was not meant to be.

The recovery period was nearly 6 months, or so the Orthopaedic surgeon said! At that point, I realised that there is no way that I would be able to get the training in, to run a marathon to qualify for Oceans, let alone running the 56km of Oceans comfortably. My 10th Oceans had to wait for another year. The disappointment was indescribable, and I turned into a grumpy old man. Wait … lose the “old”!

Now, my target shifted to Comrades. Maybe, just maybe, I could still prepare. Hell, if anything I can run it on memory! After hours and hours of gruelling workouts at the Bio, things were looking up and so were my glutes.

By April, I could run a fair amount and was able do the half marathon at Oceans. Shortly after this, my knee flared up again and square one was my destination. I was lucky enough to sell my Comrades entry. My dreams for this now has gone up in smoke.

I spent my Comrades day glued in front of the square box jumping and cheering every time I saw a CMC vest.

At this stage I decided to do something else. I have done a little bit of trail running before but nothing serious. I joined up with the Wednesday trail Junkies and enjoyed every moment of it. It was hard work, but as the fitness came back things started to get a bit easier, and I could enjoy the views a bit more.

It was great for my knees and for the first time in nearly a year, I was running pain free again. One afternoon, I received a call from Derine who offered me an entry to the Ultra Trail Cape Town 65km. I was blown away and truly honoured to have received the entry. This, however, meant that I had to start training for it, especially as the accent is approximately 3 times that of the Comrades Up-Run.

Training went well, and I ran Bastille Trail in a good time. UTCT scheduled “reccie runs” as part of training for the gruelling event. I did the first one, and wanted to do 6 more of the remaining 7. The 7th was on the same day as Cape Town Marathon, which I wanted to run as qualifier for 2017.

The following Thursday, I did some hill work at the infamous Odendaal road in Aurora. I stepped on the side of the pavement and what I thought was a twisted ankle turned out to be a broken foot.

Over and above the physical pain, my emotions were shattered. All my dreams for the rest of the year came tumbling down, as I nearly did when stepping on the curb.

CT Marathon and UTCT was no more. All the hard work ... gone!

This brings me to my wish list for Christmas:

Dear Santa, can I please get 2 new knees, functional joints, no broken bones, and no torn ligaments and muscles.

On the positive side: I have learned how to do Aqua Running, and believe me it is hard. I have learned the real meaning of the word “patience”. But most of all, through all this I have learned to appreciate this amazing sport of running so much more.

Whether on the road, track, bush, mountains or beach, enjoy your time out there. We are all so privileged to be able to run, and you only realise this when you can’t.

To all my friends and clubmates side-lined with injuries and those who might be, hang in there. A little advice from me: Don’t be hasty. Recover 100% before attempting your comeback and when you do, please do it the same way you would eat an elephant!

See you all with my running shoes soon!



** Write your story or nominate a friend that inspires you – I will contact them and twist their arm to give their motivational story a go!! It is not about boasting or thinking you are better than others. It’s about motivating others to change their lives, we have all had to start somewhere – Thinking “If he/she can do it, then I can too!!” 


Now go there out, have adventures, make special memories and have a wonderful October!


Derine Sandenbergh

(Thank you to Karin Gerber for the beautiful photo taken at the Green Forest Trail Run 2016)

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