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DC Training Newsletter 01 November 2016

DC Training Newsletter 1 Nov 2016

Another week, Another race. This time short and furious and windy! Thank you Leon for hosting the gazebo, it was very popular on Saturday, maybe the beers had something to do with it. We hope your knee gets better soon Leon.

Fanie Nel did an excellent time of 2:37 and was first in his group (D-E), the first team captain is showing his mettle! From the Bravo team, Johann de Wet was the first one to finish with a time of 2:56:53, followed by Charl, Morne and Ronnie, all under 3 hours. Christa Mulder and Maria Silverman came in at around 3:06 Ronnie Kotze and Christa Mulder (3:06:20) also deserve a special mention. Ronnie came second in his age group (very old) and Christa came third in her age group (very young J), also 7th in her starting group.

If I look at the race times, it looks like lots of training is taking place, this is great to see! DC 2016, we are ready for you!

On Sunday we had a beautiful recovery ride to the Waterfront on some Cape Town’s most scenic cycle routes. Thanks Morne for being tour guide. At one stage we thought we were going to see the Bo-Kaap as well. It was great cycling in perfect weather conditions, not too hot or too cold and no wind. I want to stress the importance of a recovery ride. Please join us this weekend on a recovery ride.

DC status

All the teams are full now, the names have been entered on the website and entries are closed. Congrats to all, welcome back all the old faces and please help new newbies. The first one is always daunting, but the experience and fun is worth it.


Cycling Tops

The cycling tops have been ordered.  I just want to thank Fanie for all his efforts with the design and getting approval from all the sponsorships. It’s always a lot of work. Now that it has been approved, I think it is time we show you the design. So without further ado, here it is:



Please use our long training rides to see what drinks and energy bars work best for you. The following are notes I took from a talk last year by Dr. Jeroen Swart:

  • Low GI does not work for races
  • Eat high GI breakfast in the morning (not bacon and eggs, nor muesli, nor oats and nuts), 2 hours before the race
  • For a one day race, all you need are carbohydrates and the best ratio is 2/3 maltodextrin and 1/3 fructose. In addition, take an energy drink containing  electrolytes to assist with the absorption of the sugars into the muscles. Jeroen developed the Cadence range of products and at the moment Chris Willemse has it on a special for R140. Very few of the energy drinks on the market have the correct ratio, he only mentioned 5. So not all energy drinks are the same, read the labels!
  • Carbs and Caffeine immediately after exercise are important for good recovery (Steri stumpie, coffee)
  • One to two fasting training rides a week are excellent (you ride without eating breakfast and only drink water, up to an hour for non-professionals).
  • Up to 3% dehydration during a ride is good, it actually increases your performance as you are lighter
  • For multi-day races, protein needs to be taken as well to reduce protein catabolism and muscle damage.
  • 40g of protein before you go to sleep also enhances recovery
  • More info on nutrition can be found here:
  • We are in the last 3 weeks of training, so give it your all for yourself and your team! I want to stress again the importance of back to back rides. So please try to do a recovery ride on Sunday, preferably with the group, otherwise on your own.
Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits! When I doubt, pedal it out! See you on the road.


Cycling Captain

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