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DC Training Newsletter 15 Nov 2016

DC Training Newsletter 15 Nov 2016

Well, well, well. We have completed our long distance DC training and are in the tapering phase. The DC is less than 2 weeks away and now it is time to start focusing on the race: Look after yourself, your health and make sure your bike is ready. Try to sort out any issues on your bike before this coming weekend.
Last weekend we finished on a high (literal high, the highest pass of all our training rides) with the Du Toitskloof splendour, my favourite pass. The ride was in tough, very windy conditions, but the pass was fantastic. The picnic on top of du Toitskloof lived up to our expectations. Axel had his coffee and Stephan had a tin full of peanut butter oats cookies, yummy! Thanks Vanessa! The long continuous grind in the saddle against the wind took its toll, my legs felt a bit weak the following day.
Sunday’s breakfast ride to Skilpadvlei was also in windy conditions, but it was worth it for the breakfast and the ride back home was with the wind! A pity not more could make it on the coffee rides, a very important part of our training.
Unfortunately Sharon Whall had a hard fall on her head on Saturday’s training ride and she is still recovering from her whiplash and concussion. We wish her a speedy recovery.
For your info, if you had completed all the DC training rides from the 13th of August, you would have covered a whopping 1775km in distance with an elevation gain of 17265m. And this excludes all the your own training, impressive!
A note on tapering: tapering means less time in the saddle. It does not mean less intensity. You keep up the intensity, but you reduce your training times. This coming weekend’s ride is exactly that: 91km with 1200m elevation gain. We will ride from Greenpoint Virgin Active to Simonstown and back, one of the most scenic rides in the world!
Collection for Andre
I am sure we all agree on how great it was to have Andre doing backup vehicle duty for us. His enthusiasm and dedication is exemplary, simply incredible! Firstly, we must thank Jeremey for getting up early to fetch Andre week after week and also for supplying the vehicle. Three cheers to Jeremey!
Secondly, we want to collect some money for Andre towards a shopping voucher. So can you all please bring R20 or more to the training ride on Saturday towards Andre’s gift. We want to hand it over at the Shirt handover evening on the 22nd of November.

Achmed Giesler

Cycling Captain

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