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DC Training Newsletter 21 November 2016

DC Training Newsletter 21 November 2016

DC 2016 Final Notes

Yippie, the DC is 5 days away. We have a good training season behind us, a group of committed and enthusiastic cyclists. If I look at the Strava records, I see weekly training rides in excess of 250km! So I am confident we are going to have a great DC this year.
Before I continue, another big thank you to Sovereign, Rectron, Stepp, Umzali Civils and Zoona. Despite the late start, we have three teams and thanks to the sponsors, we will get our cycling tops (on Tuesday night) and we have great accommodation.
This letter contains some important information as well as useful info. Please read, even if you have done a few DC’s, it will refresh your memories.

  • The Angora Stud farm is close to Bonnievale. It is a lovely place on a farm with lots of smaller rooms and a lovely dining room where we will eat, drink and be merry. Please note that the rooms have been allocated, please respect these allocations. Driving time to Bonnievale from Bellville is around 2 hours and from the farm to Swellendam 45 minutes.
  • For the “virgins”, there will be lots of nerves, that is normal. The advice I can give is to try and be organised and get everything ready the night before. I have tog bags for everything:
     A bag for the bottles
     A bag for the clothing I take with me on the bicycle, don’t forget the helmet and the timing chip
     A small cooler bag with food for the backup vehicle
     A bag with all my water bottles for the backup vehicle
  • Also, most people battle to sleep the night before the race. That is ok, just try to get a good night’s sleep in on Thursday night, this is more important. Then don’t be late please, this is a team event and you could mess it up for everyone else in your team.

Be prepared for any weather! You are welcome to pack a clothing bag for the backup driver if there is a chance of rain. Don’t forget the suntan lotion.
See you on Friday!

Achmed Giesler

Cycling Captain


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