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We are deep into autumn now, we have had some rain and the Cape is looking beautiful again. Yes, it is darker and colder now, but is always so special to be out in the countryside, on your bike and see the sun rise over our splendid Cape. Yes, it is more difficult getting up when it is dark and colder, but it is well worth it. Our weekly pack rides have been well attended, so come and join us, catch the vibe, you won’t be disappointed.


This past weekend, Vanessa and I could not join the pack ride, so we cycled on our own. We saw many other cyclists and groups. It was wonderful to see some of our club members on the road, wearing our club tops on their training rides. Wynand, one of our “yster manne” (who overtook us of course), was one of them. Thank you guys for supporting Cape Multisport Club, much appreciated!


This is winter MTB season, with lots of extreme and multi-day races such as the 36One, 50/100 Miler, Karoo to Coast, Trans Baviaans and the Paarl Rock 8 Hour challenge. Last month we had a lucky draw competition (thank you Petro for getting the free entry) for the MTB part of the 8 hour Challenge. Irma won the lucky draw and then went on and won the race, the first lady home. Congratulations Irma, well done! Also well done to all the other people who participated, it was a tough course, made even more difficult in the heatwave conditions. As a social club, it is all about participation, so all who participate in races, we salute you!



Race participation

As I said, this is MTB racing season and the races are too numerous to mention or to keep up with. So if you participate in a race, please post a few pics on our Facebook Page.

So let me get the ball rolling: Nico Claase and I will be doing the Sani2C Race this coming week; Vanessa and I recently completed a 5-day MTB tour for fund raising; Johann and Susan de Wet participated in the Glacier Cradle Traverse.


Best wishes to all those participating in the 50 and 100 Miler, please post some pics.

Karoo to Coast

All those who plan to participate in the Karoo to Coast for the first time, please remember, this is a tough race and you need to train hard for it (It is a 5 hour plus race for a beginner). However, it is a beautiful race. Our weekend pack rides are ideal base training for this race, so come and join us.

We have no club arrangements for this year’s Karoo to coast, so please arrange amongst yourselves. It requires a fair amount of logistic arrangements. So if you can help with accommodation/transport, please post on our FB page. I can recommend Ibis Place, the accommodation in George where the club stayed last year.


Trans Baviaans

All those participating or thinking of doing the Trans Baviaans, I guess you don’t need to be reminded that it requires long hours in the saddle training. Please contact me if you need assistance with arrangements, or with training. We will be having additional TB training rides.


Our new stock of cycling tops has arrived and if anyone wants to buy some kit, please contact our Club Secretary, Estelle. All the stock is currently with her.


Also please contact her If you need Membership Cards.

WP Winter League

Any roadies that are looking for some action, there is the WP Winter league. Please contact Hein Brand (0829277834) if you are interested. The winter league has started, but it is not too late to join.

Training Program

We post regular rides on Facebook as well as on our Whatsapp group. Please contact me if you are not getting these notifications. Thank you all who hosted rides over the long weekend while I was away.

I will be away most of May, but the training will continue, thank you all the people willing to post and host pack rides.


A continued reminder to consider our sponsors. Our DC Sponsors: Please contact Fanie Nel ( for info on Stepp, Zoona and Sovereign regarding the services they offer. Rectron (you should know them) and Umzali Civils were our other two DC sponsors. Then throughout the year, Realclean and Umzali have supported us with wonderful sponsorships. Please support them, or at least consider them as an option.


Please see at the end of this letter more info on our vendors.


Don’t let the darkness and colder mornings keep you from cycling. Happy cycling!











Achmed Giesler

Cycling Captain



A reminder, If you have any other vendors you can add or want a list of our vendors, feel free to contact Marius Swanepoel, who is in charge of marketing for our club.

Mugg & Bean

I was informed that we are currently the only cycling group that still gets the Mugg & Bean special (free bottomless coffee if we order a meal), provided we are a group of 8 or more people. SO we get the discount, but we will have to support.

Bike Service

If anyone is looking for bike service, Coen Deetleft is giving club members a special price. Please contact him on:

Tel: 071 223 8049,


Bike Setup

For any bike setup problems and requirements, please contact Jono, Club members get a R100 discount for a bike setup, so it will cost member only R600. For a second bike he only charges R500

Tel: +27 (0) 82 761 3119



Luetta Ellis, one of our top cyclists is a Herbalife agent. She was at our CTCT dinner and shared her story how Herbalife helped sort out her nutrition issues. She is offering a free evaluation valued at R450, as well as a promo that has been extended for May as well! See the promo banner below for more detail.cycle3


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