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Winter has arrived and this is often seen as the “lazy” season, but so far our weekend pack rides have just grown from strength to strength. A warm welcome to all our new members! Some have interesting names such as Tallies and Thuynsma, but then, I can’t talk about interesting names.

On one of our recent pack rides to the Windmeul Farmers market, there were more new members than regulars in the group... fantastic! We trust the regulars will show their faces again soon, before the end of winter. Talking about the Farmers market, this is something we want to repeat next month.

Although we prefer dry weather for cycling, I am sure we all agree that we are willing to put up with a bit of wet weather to break our drought crisis in the Western Cape. For your own safety, make sure you are adequately prepared for the winter pack rides: wear brightly coloured rain jackets, and check your lights regularly.

race Participation

18582235_1360573900701439_278310917062328221_nCongratulations to our ladies who got podium the past month, you seem to be making a habit out of it. Christa came 2nd in her age group in the 50 Miler. At the Darling Brew DBX17 Petro came 4th (3rd in her age group) and Irma finished 3rd in her age category in the 78km race. In the PPA Cyclo Sportif #1 race Luetta was the 4th woman overall(1st in her age category), Almari 2nd, Ilana 2nd and Shanna 3rd in their corresponding age categories. Sharon and her daughter also came first in the 15km Autumn splendor.


However, the most important part is to participate, so congratulations to all who participated. Thank you Petro for hosting the gazebo at the Philadelphia race and all who popped in after the race.



Our Cyclists

A few of our members unfortunately ended up in hospital. Zeneldi Geldenhuys had a horrible MTB crash, breaking her elbow, cutting her knee and many more bruises. She is recovering, but has a long way to go.

Liezl Mering had a shoulder operation, also from a MTB crash many months ago. We wish them both well and a speedy and successful recovery.

Christa and Berend are going on a cycle tour in the Netherlands. Mrs Shanna is back from her honeymoon, we hope to see her on the bicycle soon.

MTB Training

Janine Wencke has from time to time given some MTB training. Her next training is planned for the 16th of June, 2pm at Meerendal. See the CMC Cycling FB page for more info.

Club kit

To all our new members (and older members), we have an exciting range of Club kit available, please contact our Club Secretary, Estelle for more info (

We also have Membership Cards that you can use to get discount at various suppliers. Again, contact Estelle.

WP Winter League

Any roadies that are looking for some action, there is the WP Winter league. Please contact Hein Brand (0829277834) if you are interested. The winter league has started, but it is not too late to join.

Training Program

Firstly, I want to stress the importance of correct gear and lighting on our pack rides. With winter comes darkness, rain and fog. Make sure you are as visible as possible: wear luminous rain jackets and have adequate strong lights at the back and front of your bicycle and even the back of your helmet. Inspect them before each ride and replace the batteries regularly.

We post regular rides on Facebook as well as on our Whatsapp group. Please contact me if you are not getting these notifications. I have compiled a list of all the training rides in our club that I am aware of. Please, if you have a group that trains regularly, share it with the rest of the club. There is safety and fun in more numbers. Here is a list of the rides. Please note: there are often changes, so contact the relevant person or me if you are interested in joining a pack ride.


Day Time MTB/Road Distance Pace Name Start Contact Person
Mon 05h30 Road 4 x 10km Tempo/race Sportsworld loop Pinehurst Charl B
Tue 05h00 MTB   Tempo   Pinehurst Charl B
18h00 MTB/Road   Tempo/race Bottelary Soneike Ivan
Wed 05h30 Road 4 x 10km Race   Pinehurst Charl B
Thu 05h00 MTB   Tempo/race Sportsworld loop Pinehurst Charl B
18h00 MTB/Road   Tempo Bottelary Soneike Ivan
Fri 05h30 Road 4 x 10km Tempo/race   Pinehurst Charl B
Sat 06h15 MTB 80 - 100km Casual (no drop) Weekend Packride Mugg & Bean Achmed
07h00 Road 50-70km Casual (no drop) Shorter Pack Ride Various Julia
08h00 MTB 20-50km Casual (no drop) Social Pack Ride Joostenberg Liezl
Sun 07h30 Road 50-70km Casual (no drop) Recovery Ride   Julia/ Achmed
08h00 MTB 20-50km Casual (no drop) Social Pack Ride Joostenberg Liezl

Don’t let the darkness and wetter and colder mornings keep you from cycling. We still have lovely cycling days in winter, make use of them. Happy cycling!

Achmed Giesler

Cycling Captain



“It is the unknown around the corner that turns my wheels.” 

Heinz Stücke, German long-distance touring cyclist


A reminder, If you have any other vendors you can add or want a list of our vendors, feel free to contact Marius Swanepoel, who is in charge of marketing for our club.

Mugg & Bean

Mugg & Bean Durbanville still gives us free bottomless coffee with our meals, most welcome! A big thank  you to AnnieMarie Dunthorne and team.

Bike Service

If anyone is looking for bike service, Coen Deetleft is giving club members a special price. Please contact him on:

Tel: 071 223 8049,


Bike Setup

For any bike setup problems and requirements, please contact Jono, Club members get a R100 discount for a bike setup, so it will cost member only R600. For a second bike he only charges R500.

Tel: +27 (0) 82 761 3119


Bike shops

We have a number of bike shops with links to our club and its members: Denis from Sportsworld, Mark from Attitude, Flandria and Reon Smal who has recently started Sportopia Cycles. A cycle shop is a matter of personal preference, and it is good to build up a good relationship with your choice. A happy cyclist is someone whose bicycle is properly serviced with no mechanicals.


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