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Before we discuss our planning and preparation for the DC, here is some information to assist new members who wish to partake in this prestigious event:

A. The Coronation Double Century is an annual, 202 kilometer TEAM cycle race that is limited to 250 teams, and takes place on the 25 November 2017.

B. This event is equivalent to an ultra-marathon and is more than just a cycle race and all about camaraderie and team spirit. Above all, it is a hard race and participants need to have put in the necessary training to finish in comfort.


Now that the date has been confirmed we can set the wheel on the roll with our planning and preparation.

Only registered CMC members will be considered and this rule applies to all the teams so those members who are interested need to get registered and indicate in writing to the following email address before or on the 14 July 2017: (no whatsapps and sms’s please!).

We are looking at the possibility to enter 4 teams but it all depends how many entries we will get on entry day… all the IT guys with fast internet you will be contacted soon for assistance.

The official training for the DC will start in August 2017 so all cyclists will be informed via email, Facebook page etc. as to the specific date, so watch this space.

Interested members to take note that the following aspects will be taken into consideration for team selection:

  1. Commitment and self-discipline (e.g. attendance of scheduled practice rides etc.)
  2. Capability
  3. TEAM player (e.g. accepting team members strong and weak points)
  4. Mentorship
  5. Personal interactions (e.g. humble, polite and cordial etc.)

Together Everyone Achieves More

The 2017 PPA One Tonner Race (170km) that will take place on the 22nd of  October 2017 has always been used as a prelude to the DC to determined and test team tactics etc. So if you are interested to do the DC you need to enter for this race ASAP (individual entry).If for whatsoever reason you are not selected for a team you are free to cycle the race for it counts towards your seeding for the 2019 Cape Argus Cycle Tour.

If there are members who would like to assist with sponsorships please feel free to contact me…the more the merrier!

The accommodation has been confirmed and once again we are fortunate to be accommodated at Angora Stud Farm in Bonnievale.

I would like to take this opportunity as well to thank Jeremey Northcote who once again made his vehicle and driver, André, available as back-up/safety vehicle for our training rides.

To ensure that CMC cyclists put in the necessary hard training we will have monthly challenges with a prize to be won and the first challenge will start on Saturday, the 01st of July 2017!

The challenge are as follow and please take note regarding the rules and regulations:

Challenge: Most kilometres cycled for the month of July 2017.

Prize: Garmin Speed and Cadence sensor to the value of R800 (thanks Achmed for sponsoring).

Rules and Regulations for the competition:

  1. Members must have valid 2017 CMC Membership.
  2. All kilometres must be registered on STRAVA and members must be linked to the CMC on Strava.
  3. No manual uploads will be allowed (if your device can’t do automatic uploads use your smartphone).
  4. All automatic uploads must indicate GPS map of route.
  5. No trainers or watt bikes will be allowed …..get out there and pedal.
  6. The prizes will be handed out on our formal get together with photos and all!
  7. MTB or road bike allowed.

 The DC committee will determine the winner and the decision is final.

 We will communicate on a regular basis and keep all members informed regarding all further aspects.

Cycling greetings

Charl Bezuidenhout

Cycling Vice-Captain

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