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What is the next challenge?

Is a question that I hear just about every day.

From people in the office, friends and running mates, hey I have asked some of you. So, what is the next big one you are doing? For some of us it is just staying fit, others want to better their times and some want to do a marathon towards the end of the year so they can qualify for “the big races” next year.

run1The one thing I can say, is that we are all suckers for early mornings and sore legs. But then again if you can share that with your fellow #CMC members it is absolutely worth it!

This is so true for so many of us. I have seen members in this year that have challenged themselves, worked towards that challenge and achieved beyond their own expectations.

The starting point is not the hard work, it is to set the challenge.

What is your challenge for the second part of 2017?


Looking back at June

Brrrr, is all I can say and July is on the way.

This time of year we tend to hibernate or so I thought. Although the pack runs are slightly smaller there are still a couple of die hard runners joining in any weather condition.

run2     (Saturday Group)

Again, I would like to urge all our members to be safe out there.

  • Run with a headlamp
  • Wear reflective gear
  • Wear bright colours
  • Always run facing the traffic
  • Try not to run alone
  • Don’t run in isolated areas

Our Race of the month was The Don Lock Memorial Run.


You must diarise this one for next year. It consists of an 8km and a 15km run. The cool thing is that you can enter both distances, run the 8km and after that run the 15km as well.


As various results are made available to me, I shall post them on Facebook.

I have also created a folder on Google Drive where all results are stored.

You can view this here:


run4Cape Town Marathon is creeping closer and closer.

Many of our members will participate in the marathon to qualify for Two Oceans and Comrades next year.

I have also heard that many of you would like to make this one your 1st attempt at a marathon!

We will be hosting a couple of workshops. The aim of these workshops is to help all members achieve their running goals.

These will include:

  • Running form
  • Pacing
  • Training
  • Running on heart rate
  • Nutrition
  • Time trials (Speed work)
  • Any many more.

Keep an eye on the clubs Facebook page for this.

run5We have some exciting News! The club has received free entries to the Cape Town Marathon. These will be given away to club members in the form of Competitions. Do you want one?  Be sure to keep an eye out for details of this on our Facebook page.




Our Race of the month of the month had a name change.

The Fairbridge Mall is now known as the Easterns 15km.

Please note the new venue as well.

Our Gazebo will be there. Pierre Mostert is your host so be sure to pop around for a Steri!


Our Saturday Pack runs consist of 10 & 15km, whereas Sunday is normally 15 & 20 kilometres. Members must please note that we cater for all speeds at both pack runs. We will not leave slower runners behind.Our training for the month of July will continue as normal.

Please check the starting times of all events on Facebook, as they could change during winter.

Our training sessions are as follows:


4:45am Crazies - Kenridge Deli

5:45pm Club Training at PP Smit Grounds


4:45am Crazies - Kenridge Deli

5:35pm Trail Run - See Facebook for venue


4:45am Crazies - Kenridge Deli

5:45pm Club Training - PP Smit Grounds


6:00am Pack run (10 &15km) - Cafe Vida E, Edward Street


6:00am Pack run (15 & 20km) - Cafe Vida E, Durbanville

If you would like to host a Pack run on Saturday or Sunday,

Please contact me at


In the Future



Remember to join in the festivities of the Cape Town Festival of running.

You can get all the details here:


run8Put this in your Diary now already!

Don’t ask why – JUST DO IT!

Make sure Uber is on speed dial and book your hairdresser!




Remember that Cape Multisport supports clean running. When participating in any event, throw your sachets in the bins provided or keep it on you to the finish.



Social Media


Remember to share your pics on our Cape Multisport Instagram profile. You can tag these pictures @capemultisportclub

Show us your experiences in races, pack runs and training


runs. #cmc #redarmy

We have also created an open Facebook page to showcase to the world who we are. Please like the page, but don’t stop there. Share the page and invite your friends to join the page!


Our closed group for club info is:


Lastly, always remember to be safe and ….runJ6

Yours in running

Louis Kotze

(Running Captain)

082 350 8028

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