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Winter has arrived and this is often seen as the “lazy” season, but so far our weekend pack rides have just grown from strength to strength.
Although we prefer dry weather for cycling, I am sure we all agree that we are willing to put up with a bit of wet weather to break our drought crisis in the Western Cape.

32968602_10215049798425859_9120819977446752256_nCongratulations to our ladies who got podium the past month, you seem to make a habit out of it. Kindy Theunissen came second in her age category at the 50 Miler, Renscha van Heerden came third in her age category in the 50 Miler and Irma Theron came first at the DBX in her age category. Well done!!!!!
Caela Whall recently took up cycling (MTB) and participated in the WP XCO Championships.
She did extremely well and achieved first place in the WP XCO in her age category and first place in the Eliminator!! An excellent achievement.
She is an up and coming champion and a proud member of CMC.
These championships are costly and it would be appreciated if anyone will be more than willing to sponsor her (contact Sharon Whall, 072 148 4379).

Chris Hamman made his services available for all MTB’ers to teach them the basic skills of MTB’ing etc.
Now to get this of my chest: Many members pulled out on the last minute and it is unfair towards Chris who gave up his time and effort to be there (it was also for free)!
For this reason it has been decided that the next MTB training will have a nominal fee.
Now to the fun part: The training went well and even Axel Unger (yes he also does MTB’ing!!) learned a few tricks.
It was thoroughly enjoyed and we learned many skills.
Thanks Chris Hamman for your time and effort, it was not in vain!

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By Estelle / Administrator on Jun 12, 2018

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