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Triathlon/Swimming May Newsletter

SWIMMING (verb) An action you can both love and hate

I am sure I speak for all of us if I say that nobody loves drills in the pool, but there is something magical about a sea swim…

Unfortunately, not all of us are natural mermaids. Most of us must work hard in the pool so we can brave the ocean. You obviously must be a half decent swimmer to attempt a sea swim, but I think mental strength is as important and physical ability.

We are very fortunate to live so close to the ocean. We have so many opportunities to do sea swims. When I decided to do a Robben Island crossing, I started investigating training opportunities – the swimming community is huge and just like other disciplines, very diverse and passionate about their sport! If you are interested in joining open water swimming groups, please let me know. Although the swimming scene gets a bit quiet during winter, there are always people keen to swim.

Stroke correction is also a hot topic in swimming circles – nobody ever believes that they are doing it right. After shoulder injury and trying to nurse it for a while, I went to Keith Jansen for stroke correction. Long story, but the bottom line – don’t wait until you are injured before you sort out your stroke – prevention is better than cure. To swim efficiently, especially if you plan to swim longer distances, is so important and the only way to do that is by using the correct muscles – as easy (and difficult) as that!

Yes. Swimming can cause panic. Swimming can be cold. Swimming takes endless hours to improve your time by a few seconds, but oh …the reward when you finished a sea swim, a goal, a distance you set for yourself – priceless.

Youth Day Swim is 16 June – just saying…

Tri events to look forward to:

  • 29-30 June:  SA Duathlon Champs
  • 6 October: Cape Ultra
  • 11-13 October:  Cape Cross
  • 27-28 October: Slanghoek Tri
  • 2 November: Ocean Lava Tri
  • 9 November:  Challenge Cape Town
  • 7 December:  Race2Stanford

As Cape Ultra will be the first triathlon event for the new season, I would like to invite a few newbies to train for the sprint race – if you always wanted to, why not do this one?! If you know of someone who would be up for a challenge like this, please share details with me. I would like to help!

CMC Trisuits are available for fitting. Please let me know if you are interested.  R1300

Swim and Triathlon training sessions

We will continue to swim at Vineyard Lake during the winter. Sessions will remain on Saturdays at 14:00.

Other training opportunities:

  • Tuesdays:
  • speed sessions (track)
  • cycling (road or mtb)
  • Wednesdays: trail running
  • Thursdays:
  • Hill training (running)
  • Cycling (road or mtb)
  • Saturdays:
  • Pack Run
  • Pack Ride
  • Open Water swim - dam
  • Sundays:
  • Pack Run
  • Pack Ride
  • Open Water swim - sea

As a multisport club, we will slot in with running and cycling groups. Keep an eye on Facebook to plan your sessions.

I started a WhatsApp group for swim notifications. If you would like to be added, please let me know.

Happy Training Everyone!

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