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June Newsletter – Triathlon

Difficult is a word that puts a sparkle in the eyes of a triathlete – if it were easy, everybody would be doing it…

June was a busy month – Durban 70.3 marked the end of the tri season for many athletes. 25 CMC members took part in Durban and everybody finished! Well done!!! A very special congratulations to the peeps who received their African Tour medals – completing IM70.3 East London, IM PE and IM70.3 Durban in the same year – Pierre van Zyl, Walter Hayes, Annalitha Goosen and Dawie Aucamp.

SA Duathlon Champs happen towards the end of June and all our athletes were on the podium!

Tripeeps don’t ONLY like to race, they can be social too! We had a very well attended social evening /meeting  - race organisers should consider offering wine in T1 and T2 at events and CMC will be very well represented!

CMC will be at Cape Ultra on the 6th of October and we will be making some noise! We would like to encourage as many CMC peeps as possible to enter- there is a sprint option and also team entries. Please let me know if you are interested in taking part as a team member.

We are also planning a CMC Robben Island Crossing for early 2020. A swim camp at Kraalbaai has been booked for 20-21 January and space is limited – let me know if you consider joining.

It was great to have input from our triathletes and I am very excited about the season ahead.

Event to look forward to in July:

  • 12 July: DC Information Evening
  • 17 July: Crossfit Social Sweat Session

There is NO excuse NOT keeping fit during winter – as multisport athletes we have endless opportunities within the club:

  • Tuesdays: track (running) and cycling (mtb & road)
  • Wednesdays: trail running
  • Thursdays: hill training (running) and cycling mtb & road)
  • Saturdays: pack run, pack ride and swimming
  • Sundays: pack run, pack ride and swimming

*Let me know where you want to get involved and I will add you to the group*

Remember, summer bodies are made in winter!

Happy Training Everyone!


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