CMC Santa Swim Challenge

CMC Santa Swim Challenge 2022

Can you swim 30km in 8 days? CMC is hosting a Swimming Challenge from 24 to 31 December, and would love for as many members and friends as possible to join us!

We will keep track of your Swim activities via Strava to update the leaderboard on this site and our social media pages.

Awards will go to:

– Least number of swims to 30km
– Most number of swims to 30km
– Highest average pace over the 8 days

All just for some good fun and to really earn that Christmas lunch and New-years feast!

Registration - once off setup

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CMC Santa Swim Challenge - Registration Details

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Event details

The nitty gritty


Join our CMC whatsapp groups, Facebook page and Instagram profile for regular updates on the progress of the swimmers! Please reach out to our admin on / our Facebook page to request to be added

The Dates

FROM: 2022-12-24 00:00

TO: 2022-12-31 23:59

The Rules

Swim a total of 30km’s  over the 8 days of the challenge. Activities are tracked via Strava, so you need to link your Strava account to our website – after which your swim activities should automatically appear on the leaderboard

Qualifying Activities

– Swim

Anyone can enter, regardless of team, club affiliation or fitness level. The are no cost for entering.
Just swim, have fun while doing it and check the result on the leaderboard. Simple!

Results will be available on the website as activities are uploaded to Strava.


This cannot be stressed enough. BE SAFE. No event or challenge is worth getting injured over. In short – be sensible out there!